Black Pepper (Whole black Pepper)

This “King of Spices”, Is widely used in every region of earth for its pungent spice containing variety of active compounds, like antioxidants, essential oil and other phenolic compounds that help protect cells and boost digestive health. The finest of Black pepper is mainly grown in our region like Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Konkan, Pondicherry, Andaman&Nicobar islands and is widely exported to other parts of the world.
Our whole black pepper is carefully handpicked, ensuring only the finest peppercorns make it to our consignments. With a bold, pungent flavor and an irresistible aroma, black pepper found in our region is the perfect addition to any dish.
We NeoOverseas take pride in delivering the freshest whole black pepper to our customers. Each batch is meticulously inspected and packaged to preserve its natural essence and flavor.
Our whole black pepper meets international quality standards, making it an ideal choice for export to diverse markets around the world. With our product, you can confidently cater to the preferences of various cuisines and cultures.