Indian S-230 Sugar

Discover the pure sweetness of S230 Sugar, an exquisite offering from our esteemed bulk export company. Sourced from the fertile soils of India, our premium-grade S230 Sugar is renowned for its exceptional quality and unrivalled taste. Delighting both palates and businesses worldwide, this sugar variety is the perfect choice for all your culinary and industrial needs.

Our S230 Sugar undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure its absolute purity, making it an ideal ingredient for food and beverage applications.
With its fine granulation and high sucrose content, our S230 Sugar brings a tantalizing sweetness to any recipe, elevating the taste of your culinary creations.
Every batch of S230 Sugar is carefully processed and inspected, ensuring consistent quality and meeting international standards.
S230 Sugar serves as a fundamental ingredient in various food products, including baked goods, beverages, dairy products, sauces, and preserves.
Its pure form and easy solubility make it an essential component in pharmaceutical preparations.
Trust our bulk export company to provide you with premium S230 Sugar that surpasses expectations and delights consumers globally.

Sugar varities

Indian S-30 Sugar

Indian S-130 Sugar

Indian S-230 Sugar

sugar specifications

ICUMSA: Less than 150 ICUMSA as Determined In Sugar Analysis (approx)
Color: Sparkling White
Crystal Size or Granule Size: 1 to 1.2 mm (approx)
Form: Granular
Crop : Current
So2: 70mg/K
Radiation : Normal Within Internationally Accepted Limit
Moisture: 0.04% Max By Weight
Solubility : 100% Dry Free Fine Flowing
Polarization : 99.80% Min
Granulation : Fine Standard
Ash By Electrical : 0.04% Max (on Dry Weight Basis)
Smell : Free Or Any Smell
Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Max By Weight
Substance : Solid Crystal
Purity (%): 99.9
Country of Origin: India
Processing Type: Refined
Shelf Life: 2 – 3 years
Primary Ingredient: Cane Sugar
Speciality No Artificial Flavour Color White Form Crystal Processing Type Refined Packaging Type Loose Shelf Life 24 Months Usage/Application It is Also Used to Sweeten Beverages and Savoury Dishes. Moisture 2% Sugar Grade S130