Indian S-130 Sugar

S130 Sugar, also known as “refined sugar” or “white sugar,” is one of the most widely used sweeteners globally. It is derived from the sucrose-rich sugarcane grown in the lush fields of India. The sugar is meticulously processed to ensure the highest purity and crystal clarity, making it the ideal choice for both culinary and industrial applications.

Our S130 Sugar boasts a remarkable purity level, free from impurities, and with a pristine white appearance that enhances the appeal of any product it sweetens. The consistent crystal size of our S130 Sugar ensures even dissolving and blending, providing a smooth and delightful experience in any application.

Derived from nature’s own sugarcane, our S130 Sugar brings the authentic and natural sweetness that elevates the taste of your culinary creations.
Whether it’s confectionery, bakery, beverages, pharmaceuticals, or other industries, our S130 Sugar’s versatility makes it a preferred choice for countless applications.
Thanks to our stringent quality control measures, our S130 Sugar retains its premium quality and shelf life, ensuring that it arrives at your destination in perfect condition.

Our S130 Sugar undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to international quality standards, giving you the confidence that you are receiving nothing but the best. We NeoOverseas adhere in delivering premium grade sugar that meets international standards.

Sugar varities

Indian S-30 Sugar

Indian S-130 Sugar

Indian S-230 Sugar

sugar specifications

Speciality -No Artificial Flavour
Color -White
Form- Crystal
Processing Type- Refined
Packaging Type -Loose
Shelf Life -24 Months
Usage/Application -It is Also Used to Sweeten Beverages and Savoury Dishes. Moisture- 2%
Sugar Grade -S130