Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice Steam

1509 steam basmati rice, also known as Pusa Basmati 1509, is a specific variety of steam rice that belongs to the Basmati rice family. The grains of 1509 steam rice are long, slender, and have a length of around 8-9 mm. They have a slender width, contributing to their elegant appearance.

One of the standout features of 1509 steam rice is its captivating aroma. When cooked, it releases a fragrant scent that is often described as nutty and floral. The aroma adds an enticing element to the dining experience. This rice variety is known for its non-sticky texture. The grains remain separate and fluffy after cooking, providing a light and pleasing mouthfeel. This texture makes it suitable for a range of rice-based dishes.

To prepare 1509 steam rice, it is recommended to soak the rice for approximately 20-30 minutes before cooking. This helps the grains cook more evenly and achieve the desired texture. After soaking, the rice is typically cooked by steaming, either using a traditional pot or a rice cooker. 1509 steam rice offers a delicate and subtle flavor profile. It has a mild taste with a slightly sweet undertone. The flavor of the rice complements various types of dishes, allowing the other ingredients to shine.

Basmati Rice

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1509 Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice Steam

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1401 Basmati Rice Steam

Rice specifications

Avg Length: – 8.40
MM Moisture: 12.5%
Max. Broken: 1% Max.
Purity – 93.00%
Natural Admixture – 5 % – 7 %
Damage/Discolour Grain – 1%Max.
Immature Grain – 1%Max.
Foreign Matter – Nil
Packaging type: PP Bag, BOPP bag, Non Woven bag, PP Laminate, Metallic Laminate, Brown Jute, White Jute
Packing Sizes: 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg & Any Packing Sizes from 20 kg to 50 Kg