Basmati Rice

1121 Basmati Rice Raw

“Discover the finest quality with our 1121 Basmati Rice Raw. Sourced from the lush fields of Basmati, each grain embodies the essence of authenticity and purity. With its long, slender appearance and distinct aroma, our 1121 Basmati Rice Raw promises a delightful culinary experience. Perfect for crafting a variety of dishes, its exceptional texture and rich taste elevate every meal. Elevate your kitchen creations with the grace of 1121 Basmati Rice Raw.”

Basmati Rice

1121 Basmati Rice

1121 Basmati Rice Steam

1121 Basmati Rice Creamy Sella

1121 Basmati Rice  Golden Sella

1121 Basmati Rice Raw

1121 Basmati Rice Brown Rice

Rice specifications

Moisture : 12% Max
Damage & Discolour grains : 0.5% Max
Broken : 2% Max
Purity of Rice : 90%
Natural Admixture of Rice : 10% Max
Average length of Rice : 8.25 MM++
Packing : Polly pouch, Non Woven Bag, Jute Bag
Properties : Rich in taste, Pure Quality, Hygenically Packed, Economically priced, Fine cooking characteristics

1509 Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice Steam

1509 Sella Basmati (White)

1401 Basmati Rice

1401 Basmati Rice Raw

1401 Basmati Rice Steam